Emily Paulhus


Duncan Freake

Emily Paulhus and Duncan Freake

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Our Story

Duncan and Emily met long ago while at Windham High School in Willimantic, CT. Their paths crossed via mutual friends in the Windham Players drama club and they bonded over vegetarianism, their love for emo music and their mutual desire to combat climate change. Their early relationship spanned the end of high school, Duncan's gap year in Hong Kong and college in Massachusetts.

After Emily graduated in 2012, she moved to Boston to start work and finally join Duncan in the same city. They moved in to a 400-something square foot apartment in the South End where they survived "Snowpocalypse 2015". After Duncan graduated, they moved across the river to Somerville to be closer to their friends, Duncan's brothers, have more living space and finally adopt a cat named Phoebe!

When COVID hit in 2020, they both found themselves working from home full time which was challenging in a 1-bedroom apartment. They decided to move into a bigger apartment in the same building as their friends (Ellen, Wheeler, Kora, Alex, Elisa and Ox [the dog]) to "pod" together. Living together as a group worked out well and they ended up buying a house together in April 2021.

Finally feeling established in both work and home life, Emily and Duncan decided they wanted to celebrate their now 15 year old relationship by getting married and having a party with their friends and family! In February 2022 they marked their engagement by completing a "propuzzle" of the Grand Prismatic hot spring, which they had traveled to in 2019.