Emily Paulhus


Duncan Freake


What should I wear?

Please dress in “Casual wedding attire" for the ceremony and reception. Check out the links below for examples.

I have dietary restrictions and/or food allergies. What can I eat?

Reception @ Nightshift

The menu for the reception will be pescatarian/vegetarian with some vegan and GF options. Non-alcoholic (NA) drinks will also be available! Please send us a message if you have specific dietary restrictions or questions.


  • Alcohol: Beer, hard seltzer (GF), wine, spirits
  • NA: Beer, Spindrift seltzer, mocktails


  • Raw bar from Hooked Boston Raw Bar Catering
  • Food truck from Clover Food Labs (VG, V, GF)
  • Life Alive (individual dishes or a catering platter) for GF & V or who have additional dietary restrictions
  • Ice cream truck with maple creamies (VG) & vegan Oatly chocolate soft serve ice cream (V & GF)
  • Cookies (V & GF)

Will Emily change her last name?

No, Emily will keep "Paulhus" as her last name.

Will Duncan change his last name?

No, "Freake" suits him too well.

Where can I park my car?

Please check out the "Travel" page for parking guidance during each event.

Other questions?

Email us at emily.a.paulhus@gmail.com or dfreake@gmail.com